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Images Project

Assignment Review: In this assignment the task was to create a video that was no longer than a minute that contained specific transitions, three distinc video sequences, a separate audio track, and title scenes.
For this project my cats are once again the stars. I have many videos of them so I chose my favorite videos and pictures and pieced them together with transitions, effects, and text to narrate. Please click the link below to view my video. Note it is a download!

I used Windows Movie Maker to piece all of the videos together and used my Samsung Galaxy S6 to record the videos and take the photos. Also kudos to composers RM Jackson and Rod Weinstein and publishers by Number9, Sizzle Music, and Music of Freeplay for the music in the video.

Audio File

Click here for my video file! This is a download and will require some sort of media player to play the video such as Windows Media Player.